Potential Allies Against Repeal of the Act ?

Blue Fox Group

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Blue Fox Group of Conservatives + The SNP   unlikely ‘Bedfellows’ BUT ! Some of the below obviously not now relevant, the Conservatives being Elected with a majority, However, regarding the potential repeal of the ‘Hunting Act 2004’ and the disaster that that would  release amongst our Wildlife, We the  lovers …

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The Prince’s Black Spider Letters.


Badger Trust response to HRH Prince Charles’s letters Friday May 15, 2015 The Badger Trust has reacted strongly to pro-culling comments made by HRH Prince Charles in his recently revealed correspondence with the government. Peter Martin, the Trust’s newly appointed Chairman and a close neighbour of the Prince in Tetbury …

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Badgers, Outnumbered,Unconfirmed and Out-Peturbed.

Badger smell

More Proof that Culls are Counter-productive. Dear Dr. WOODROFFE, YOU ARE KEEN TO KILL OFF ANY MORE MINDLESS CULLS !!??…………. YOU Could achieve this by simply broadcasting, the fact that despite farmers ever repeated cries of distress for yet more pointless costly culls , Badgers simply Cannot Possibly be “”the …

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