Repeal of the Hunting Act 1.


Letter From The Group. At our meeting on the 30th May We ( also agreed to the course of action contained in the letter below. Hi All On Tuesday 26th May the committee of West Wales Animal Aid held a meeting and the Repeal of the Hunting Act 2004 was …

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Peak District Vaccination Restarts

  A  Second season of badger vaccinations is underway in the Peak District. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust reported this week that it successfully vaccinated over 70 per cent of badgers at a number of setts on a targeted farm in Edale. The new season of vaccinations will see the trust focus …

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Kidnapped For The Hunt

Kidnapped for the Hunt

Kidnapped for Cruelty – 16 fox cubs found in a barn linked to Middleton Foxhounds Hunt. 11 June 2015 Young foxes are being taken from the wild and kept in captivity so they can be hunted illegally, claims a charity, after an undercover investigation discovered 16 cubs in a barn linked …

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Repeal of the Hunting Act 2.

Badger face Close up

Consequences for badgers. Repeal The Hunting Act 2004 When the repealing of the Hunting Act 2004 is discussed the affect that it will have on the fox is normally the wildlife animal   that is the centre of discussion.  Other wildlife such as the Stag, deer, hare or even the badger …

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Tories against Repeal of the Act.

Westcountry Conservatives welcome absence of hunting in Queen’s Speech By Western Morning News | Posted: June 01, 2015 Dr Sarah Wollaston and Kevin Foster   Westcountry Conservative MPs have praised the Government’s decision not to include a repeal of the hunting ban in the Queen’s speech. Dr Sarah Wollaston, MP …

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Badger Trust NOT Political

Badger foot and claws

Badger Trust Statement re. Café Nero/Sainsbury’s Monday June 1, 2015 The Badger Trust is not involved in any campaigns aimed at boycotting food retailers, restaurants or cafe chains over their milk sourcing policy in connection with the badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire. The Badger Trust is firmly opposed to …

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Dear Subscribers WE NEED YOUR HELP !


We have been helping badgers for over 25 years, rehabilitating and releasing once injured badgers back to wild,  that, and drawing attention to cruelty against badgers, unecessary action against badgers in the guise of disease control (culling). We also do surveys of badger setts to protect them against developement work …

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