Martin Hancox and the Futile Culls. The Facts.

Young badger

RE-AWAKENING THE RED DRAGON PHOENIX OF “THE BADGER TB PROBLEM” IN WALES .SCRAPPING THE IAA VACCINE TRIAL WILL RE-IGNITE THE “SCAPEBROCK SETT-UP” JUSTIFICATION FOR YET MORE BADGER CULLS Dear Colleagues, Not learning the lessons of history ! Godfray 2013, Para 13″ LITTLE is known about how M. bovis is transmitted between badgers …

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Cornish Cull Comes Closer !


Badger culling in Cornwall comes a step closer after pilot results   Comments (4) Farmers in Cornwall are preparing for a badger cull, after the government published the results of its second-year pilot culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset. The government says bovine TB is the greatest animal health threat to the …

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Snares NEED to be Banned


Snares need to be banned altogether,                     rather than a so called  ‘Improved Code of Practice’ Back in 2012 a UK Government – commissioned report for England and Wales  on snares was published and it stated that many of the snares  in use were leading to animal welfare risks and …

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Welsh Goverment Halts Vaccination Program.

Welsh farmers call for return of badger culling after TB vaccinations are suspended Welsh Farmers are calling on the Welsh Government to start culling badgers again after news that a tuberculosis vaccination programme has been suspended. Ministers decided to scrap a project to inoculate badgers in a part of Wales …

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