Finally some sense from Westminster on BTB ?

Badger Face

16th March 2016 Dear all, Badger Trust welcomes renewed focus on cattle measures to lower bovine TB The Badger Trust has welcomed new cattle measures introduced by the Government aimed at reducing the spread of bovine TB. From the 6th April 2016 onwards, new legislation will require farmers in the …

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Will Wales Vote to Outlaw Snares ?


Will Wales Vote to Outlaw snares? Posted 16/03/2016 There is one thing that I’ve found really surprises people – and that is when I tell them that snares are still legal in Britain. Snares are banned in most European countries. Britain is one of just 5 nations that still allows …

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Hunt Monitors Attacked.


Dear Raymond As you may already be aware, on Saturday afternoon, two League Investigators – Darryl and Roger – were brutally assaulted whilst peacefully monitoring the Belvoir Hunt in Leicestershire. Darryl and Roger were looking into alleged illegal hunting activity when they were beaten up by six Belvoir Hunt supporters …

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Welsh BTB Policy – Martin Hancox

Young Badger1

WALES TB POLICY :- QUO VADIS ? ……………IMPLICATIONS FOR ENGLAND , EIRE, ULSTER   Dear Drs Winstone, Glossop , Hume , and Delaruadomenech, 1.; 2. Drs Skuce/ Allen; 3. DEFRA Thank you Very much for your detailed response to my earlier suggestions. IAA Badger Vaccination very unlikely to work …

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Meetings with Welsh Government

Hello All, After the cessation of Vaccination of Badgers in the IAA, we as a Group have been seeking a meeting with the BTB Eradication Team of the Welsh Government to find out their plans for a way forward. We , have had 2 meetings, these are our findings from the meetings. …

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