About Us

badgersBadger Watch and Rescue Dyfed operates in the counties of Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion.


Aims of Badger Watch & Rescue Dyfed


  • To encourage understanding and the study and research of the advancement of badger knowledge.
  • To promote and advance the welfare of badgers
  • To encourage tolerance, appreciation and respect for all animal life.

Badger Watch & Rescue Dyfed is affiliated to the Badger Trust (The National Federation of Badger Groups), which has approximately 80 groups throughout Great Britain.

Badger Watch & Rescue Dyfed is an associate member of the South and West Wales Wildlife Trust and a Member of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and the Partnership Against Wildlife Crime (PAW)

Regular meetings are held in different parts of the three counties to which all members are welcome.

Members receive a newsletter of the Badger Watch and Rescue groups activites.

New members who wish to learn more about badgers can attend day schools.
Within the group we have sections that deal with

  • Badger Surveys
  • Care and Rehabiliation of Badgers
  • Sett Surveillance
  • Campaigning Issues

We have provisions to look after badgers that have suffered injuries from road accidents, snaring and baiting incidents.


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