‘Antique Badger’ in Pembroke Castle ?

7th September.

During the recent BBC filming of The Antiques Roadshow at Pembroke Castle a sick Badger was found in one of the areas of the castle.

We took the Badger in to our Southern Rescue Center, and  after 10 days rest and treatment a healthy and robust badger was released back into the wild near (not in) Pembroke Castle. Job Done !

31st August 2016

Also a Fox with an injured back leg was  found at Newgale, after 14 days of treatment and rest it was returned to back to the wild.

20th August 2016

An Adult Badger was found with a wire snare around its chest, it was so badly injured it had to be put down.

One Comment:

  1. Heartening to know that at least two of our wild animals have been returned to
    the wild following treatment, and unfortunately the poor adult badger could not
    be saved, there should be higher penalties issued to all persons that set snares,
    how can these people be caring about any animal or human being is beyond belief.

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