Are Welsh Government Proposing a Cull ?

Prof.Glossop at Royal Welsh

I and several other members of Welsh Badger Groups associated to the Badger Trust, attended a meeting with the Welsh Government BTB group on 14th November 2016.

The tone of the meeting seemed very good, they were suggesting targeting Farms in the IAA which had had repeated breakdowns of BTB,  the suggestion put forward by them was a system called TVR which was being trialled in Northern Ireland,     Test Vaccinate and Release,  However they added that they intended to trap Badgers on the High Incidence Farms, test them for BTB and If they failed the test, then THAT INDIVIDUAL BADGER would be humanely Euthanized, we asked for the details of course, we were told that the test to be used would be the DPP test  (dual platform test). This test is known to be only 55% accurate, only slighty less risky than flipping a coin. SO, we asked that any Badgers failing the test and Euthanized be subject to a Post Mortem, as in the Badger Found Dead Survey, which incidentally showed a very small percetage of found dead badgers having BTB 6% only.

Subsequently, the meetings  Draft minutes were published, containing differences from what all of our members remember (and although all past middle age, we are not deaf, or suffering from dementia). Christianna Glossop stated, when Talking to an  NFU meeting, that GROUPS of Badgers were to be Euthanized on the result of a SINGLE failure using the DPP test !!!!  very very Far from what was agreed at the Meeting.  Indeed we have now completely withdrawn our support for ANY Badgers being Euthanized  in this latest WG project, as believe it is just another name for a Cull of Badgers.

We believe we were Duped, and are now saying so publicly.

I include PDF Files of all relevant  information for your Perusal.



TB ORAL STATEMENT – 18 Oct (English)

Consultation on a refreshed TB Eradication Programme



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