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  •  IMPORTANT   Welsh Government are running a ‘Found Dead Survey’
  • Starting  February 2015 – until-  April 2017   Contact:    APHA (Animal & Plant Health Wales).
  •  0300-303-8268.   A representative from APHA  will come and collect the Dead Badger for Autopsy to determine whether or not BTB is present.


Yes, I’M Talking to You  !                                           Blooming  Humans


Badger Cull and the Election.

Will the badger cull cost the Tories the election? It certainly should! Dominic Dyer 16th March 2015 Tweet  David Cameron has called the badger cull is ‘probably the most unpopular policy for which I am responsible’, writes Dominic Dyer. But unable to break his pledge to landowners and the NFU, …

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Liz Truss Meeting With Badger Trust.


Liz Truss Meeting : Update Wednesday March 4, 2015 The meeting with the DEFRA Secretary of State yesterday was very useful and we had a frank exchange of views on the following key issues: Cull Roll Out We pressed the Secretary of State (SoS) to confirm plans for roll out …

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NFU misleads Public over Cull

badger tuberculosis

2nd March 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Badger Trust calls on NFU to stop misleading the public over the impact of badger culling Ahead of a meeting with the Environment Secretary Liz Truss on the 3 March, the Badger Trust has called on the National Farmers’ Union to stop misleading the …

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Gloscon Did not reach even half their Target in Cull.


9th March 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GLOUCESTERSHIRE BADGER GROUP SAY GLOSCON FAILED TO ACHIEVE EVEN HALF THEIR TARGET IN 2014 CULL The Gloucestershire Badger Group chaired by Tony Dean together with local campaigners have welcomed the announcement by Natural England that the NFU’s subsidiary cull contractor Gloscon may be stripped …

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Terrierman Found Guilty


Terrierman found guilty of blocking up badger sett 10 February 2015 Appearing before Scarborough Magistrates’ Court this afternoon Lee Martin, Terrierman for the Middleton Hunt was found guilty of blocking up a badger sett in current use, contrary to Section 3 of the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. At the …

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Badger Snared in Fishguard.


Badger Snared in Fishguard. Closer to home, Fishguard to be exact, while out walking with my 2 Labradors, Along the top of the Gwaun Valley,I came across a Dead Badger in a Snare, He was a young boar and had the snare around his rear about his waist, he had …

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Black And White Badger Politics

Dear Prime Minister and Chief Scientists Drs I. Boyd and M. Wolpert,   Afraid any further badger culls/vaccination is NOT the “Right thing to do”; this “most unpopular and difficult issue of your premiership “(Farmers Weekly 20th Feb.) has arisen because your “Scientific” advisors have got it wrong ! Hence, …

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Local Badger Group Members to Receive Award at

Press Release Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed                         14th Oct 2011. Local Badger Group Members to Receive Award at House of Lords   Michael Sharratt, Vice Chairman, and Gordon Lumby , Secretary of Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed have been selected to receive  an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Award …

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