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  •  Unfortunately   Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed as a Working Group are Winding Down.
  • Most of our active members are no longer active in the physical sense due to Old Age, Sadly No younger members have come forward to replace us.
  • Therefore it is with great regret that this Website will be posting no further updates.


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The Badger Cull Debate in Westminster.

As the result of a Poll with over 165,000 signatures Westminster Debated the Enlarging of the Badger Cull in England, here is the Hansard report. of the 27-03-2017. it Runs to 25 pages but is well worth your time to read it. Badger Culling  Share this debate 27 March 2017 …

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Minutes Of WG Meeting 14th November 2017

With Comments of an attendee, at disputed points. Minutes of Welsh Government meeting with Badger Trust and Badger Trust Cymru regional representatives, Monday 14th November 2016 at 2.00PM, Llwynon Room, Welsh Government Office, Merthyr   Attendees: Welsh Government (WG) OfficialsJackie Price (JP), Thomas McCabe (TM), Richard Griffiths (RG), John Morris …

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Are Welsh Government Proposing a Cull ?

Prof.Glossop at Royal Welsh

I and several other members of Welsh Badger Groups associated to the Badger Trust, attended a meeting with the Welsh Government BTB group on 14th November 2016. The tone of the meeting seemed very good, they were suggesting targeting Farms in the IAA which had had repeated breakdowns of BTB,  …

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Badger Trust Response To Welsh Government

Welsh Government : A Refreshed TB Eradication Programme Consultation Response Form : Badger Trust Response 7 January 2017 The Badger Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to the conservation of badgers throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We seek to protect badgers through science, the law and public support. …

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Badger Trust Updates December

Badger Trust Updates Badger dies from suspected poisoning attack in country park   Tuesday, 20th December 2016 The Guardian: Kissing cows are to blame for bovine TB – so stop this bloody badger cull   Tuesday, 20th December 2016 Farming Life: Ulster Wildlife expresses concern over badger cull plans   …

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Save Me Trust

Chris Packham and badger

Brian May’s Save Me Trust calls for an evaluation of the role of badger vaccination, alongside a proper review of the effectiveness, if any, of badger culls on bovine TB in cattle. It also draws attention to the fact that it is no longer possible to believe that badgers are …

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Martin Cox calls for Common Sense

URGENT :- THE FINAL END TO BADGER POLITICS Dear Jeremy Corbyn, Rachael Maskell, Angela Smith .. Lords Falconer, Krebs & Prescott, It seems to me that by serendipity, you are now in the unique unprecedented position of being able to bring about a long overdue final end to this 45 …

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Latest Badger Trust Updates November.

Monday 14th November 2016 Fox 31 Denver Buster the Boxer watches foxes, badger, squirrel and hedgehog bounce on trampoline in new …   Monday 14th November 2016 bovine TB investigation crosses province borders   Monday 14th November 2016 Medicine Hat News TB testing in area cattle could continue for …

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Announcement from the Welsh Government.

BTB Tuesday 18 October Cabinet Secretary announces regionalised approach to tackling bovine TB The Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths, has outlined a new regionalised response to eliminate bovine TB in Wales as part of the Welsh Government’s refreshed bovine TB Eradication Programme. Under the refreshed programme, …

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