Badger Trust Position in Wales.

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Badger Trust opposes latest Welsh Government plans to cull badgers


The Badger Trust AGM on 13 May 2017 decided by unanimous vote to conclude discussions with the Welsh Government on its bovine TB proposals which include the testing and culling of badgers, and to maintain the position stated in its 2016 Annual Report of “continued opposition to any plans to undertake a targeted removal of badgers in areas of persistent TB outbreaks in cattle”, including TVR (test-vaccinate-remove) and test&cull.

The AGM also congratulated the Welsh Government & its veterinary staff on the sustained decrease in new bovine TB incidents (47% down since 2008, and continuing in the latest Defra statistics). This has been achieved with no culling of badgers. The AGM welcomed the enhanced cattle-control, biosecurity and trading measures about to be introduced.

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