A Retraction from Badger-Watch.co.uk

Prof.Glossop at Royal Welsh

‘Badger culling is to be extended to parts of Wales to control the spread of TB in cattle.’

The above headline featured in our last Months newsletter, since then, We,  Badger-watch.co.uk.

have had a meeting with the Welsh Government and  Christianne Glossop on 7th April, at this meeting she stated that she had been misquoted by the BBC reporter responsible for the article. We, Trusting the BBC as a reliable source, re-printed this article. For this, we apologize, both to you ,the Readership and to Christianne herself.

The word ‘Cull’ is inappropriate to describe the actions to be taken, as ONLY proven BTB  Infected Badgers will be euthanised,  this is Badgers that are Trapped tested and FAIL the DPP test, which According to the Chief Vet is ALSO a DIVA  test that can tell the difference  between  BTB  and the BCG vaccinated Badgers.

If all the above is true, then hopefully NO CULLING of healthy Badgers will take place.

We await the outcome  and the results.

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  1. When they say that only TB infected badgers will be culled, do they mean that the Badgers on TB affected farms will be trapped and tested and if TB positive the individual badger will be killed and if TB negative will be vacinated and released, or do they mean that Badgers will be trapped on the site and if an individual Badger is positive the sett will be culled? The problems on the English border may be due to the cull being carried out in England.

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