Goodbye Andy

Hi all,

I think this is very short sighted of Badger trust, I have had many contacts from Andy and I feel he was doing a very good Job.



Loss of  Crime and Intelligence  Coordinator for Badger Trust.

From: Andrew Swinburne [mailto:andyswinburne]
Sent: 31 August 2017 08:55
To: Badger Trust  Supporters and affiliated Groups
Subject: Goodbye

Dear all

I am emailing you all to let you know that as a result of a telephone call from Dominic Dyer yesterday about the recent  review of the Badger Trust generally, and the role of the Crime and intelligence coordinator, I was informed that Trust did not wish to renew my contract beyond September 2017, and thereafter wished to bring the role within house at East Grinstead, on the basis of cost and improved communications.

As I was currently out of contract since the end of June, (with the subsequent late contract being returned unsigned due to multiple errors for amendment) , I felt there was no onus upon either side to honour a months notice.

Given the review by the CEO I felt it was best to cease my association forthwith as in the interim period little of the envisaged plans would be achieved. Therefore yesterday was sadly my last day.

I have to say the decision made by the Trust will have detrimental effects upon the relationships with the partner agencies, Police forces, the National Wildlife Crime Unit, and I suspect the crime role and relationship with the local groups.

This detrimental effect includes the work being done at National level as part of the UK Badger Persecution Priority Delivery Group on which I sat as the UK secretariat and had some influence on the progress being made. It also perhaps effects the plans and development role outlined in presentations at the conference last year and at the AGM this year.

Therefore I am saddened by the decision taken but wish to say thank you to all of you for your support over the last seventeen months, and wish the badger groups all the best for the future.

Regards once again

Andy Swinburne



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