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The information we receive from the public is essential to our work in ensuring greater protection of badgers and successful prosecution cases.

If  you find an Injured but Live Badger  in the Three Counties of  Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion  or  Pembrokeshire.

Please feel free to call us:

Gordon Lumby: 01570 480571             
Mike Sharratt: 01994 240320

If  you  find a Dead Badger in Dyfed  Please call this Number : 0300-303-8268

This is the number of  APHA  who will arrange to Collect the dead Badger for analysis.


Please also give us a ring on the numbers above when possible, giving as much detail as possible of the location. We will keep records, and if several badgers are found in the same spot we may wish to undertake some investigation. We may be able to check if the badger is a lactating sow, indicating that dependant cubs will be nearby and in need of help. It helps also to know that badgers are in that area, and we may want to survey that area. It gives a better picture of how many badgers are killed on our roads. This has risen with the increase of nightime traffic.

It is important for badger groups to have records of badger setts in our area. We are then able to monitor the setts, in case there is an illegal action. If there is a problem or illegal action, the sett must have been recorded prior to any reported incident, especially if it involves a court case.

Badger Trust records all illegal acts against the Protection of Badgers Act, this is to inform the police and the authorities of the extent of badger crime in UK, and adds to the gathering of intelligence.

Please send any information regarding a dead badger, sett or incident direct to us using the form below.

Or telephone
Gordon Lumby 01570 480571
Mike Sharratt 01994 240320

For information, queries or help with injured badgers, ring RSPCA 0300 1234 999

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