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Brian May’s Save Me Trust calls for an evaluation of the role of badger vaccination, alongside a proper review of the effectiveness, if any, of badger culls on bovine TB in cattle.

It also draws attention to the fact that it is no longer possible to believe that badgers are the main cause of the spread of the disease, or even a significant component of its transmission. The principal mechanism of reinfection now being confirmed to be in undetected, infectious cattle in the herds themselves.

In the latest research revealed today on Bovine TB management, science has once again put an end to speculation. As ZSL’s new paper published today – ‘Ranging behaviour of badgers Meles meles vaccinated with Bacillus Calmette Guerin’.

Two years ago, a cattle vet in Devon speculated that vaccinating badgers might disrupt their behaviour, thus spreading TB to new areas. His ideas were based on no evidence at all; nevertheless they were repeated in the media as though they were facts, undermining support for badger vaccination.

Research published today by the Zoological Society of London confirms that vaccination, in fact, has no detectable effect on badger behaviour. In the ZSL experiment, badgers were trapped, vaccinated and released, and were subsequently tracked with GPS collars. It was found that they travelled no further than those which had not been vaccinated.

This is encouraging news for badgers and cattle alike. ZSL’s research confirms that vaccination does not have the same potential to increase the incidence of TB in cattle as culling. Culling DOES disrupt badger behaviour and, while it’s now also clear that badgers are at most a very small part of the re-infection of cattle herds, scientists believe that the Government’s present policy of culling badgers is likely to make matters worse.

ZSL’s new research shows that vaccination has no negative effects. Undisrupted, ‘normal’ badger behaviour sees badgers in tightly defined communities, which give the best opportunity for vaccination to be effective. Since vaccination is also cheaper and more publicly acceptable, the choice between vaccination and culling should be straightforward.

Bovine TB is a major problem for British cattle farmers, so TB control efforts must be based on the best available evidence. Hopefully, this new research will encourage proper studies of the role that vaccination could play in TB control.

However, to put this in perspective, recent evidence confirms the fact that transmission of TB has very little to do with badgers. At least 96 per cent of re-infection is due to undetected carriers of the bTB Micobacterium in the herd. Current Government policy forces farmers to rely on the infamous skin test to detect and remove infected cows, a course of action which is demonstrably failing. Only an enhanced testing regime can give hope to farmers who are, at present, locked in a hopeless situation.

We must review all the new available science and remove this expensive, ill fated and ineffective policy. It doesn’t support the science, the badgers, the cattle or the farmers.

Anne Brummer Chief Executive,


Ranging behaviour of badgers Meles meles vaccinated with Bacillus Calmette Guerin:


  1. could i have aweb site about this cattle and badge scandal that never ends but there there thousands employed and they must be really enjoying the carry on” what a wonderful lifestyle they enjoy doing the fool about a cattle desease that does not exist/// how could this conspiracy be exposed to the farmer victims.. slaughtering their perfectly cattle year after year” the people that invoke this wrong doing // dont seem to realiase that some day the long arm ofthe law will bring them to justice”’ for loss of income and hardship that have been imposed on british and irish farmers for decades ”’ i havent the slighest doubth the each and every farmer that this evil was done to”’ will defnetly be fully re compensated for this attrosity and wrong doing by the buracrats,, as a cattle farmer myself i cannot get any help from the victims which are the farmers so it is a very sad situation u think the young farmers would cop on to this
    blaguarding … and forget talking about healthy badgers giving their cattle tb

  2. i recently came across a case of a tb infected champion prize winning english champion bull ,, named ” baxster ””that became a t b reactor worth 20.000 pounds and defra and the state did every thing to have this animal destroyed but the owners ken and kate jacksons… took an action to the courts and were
    successful and baxster is now in perfect health” so farmers should read all about this court case,, and give this cattle t b scandal a bit more thought before these supposed reactors are removed compulsory by defra

  3. no end in sight to this cattle and badger t b propaganda how long more will farmers have to endure this wrong doing by defra// something that began as voluntary scheme in gb 1935 and then defra stepped in and decided to go compulsory for a few years.. but the few years seems to be a little bit longer that expected and beyond the imagination of the urban population not to mind the cattle owners// sense this carry began there are at least over 500,000 farmers roped into this scandal lots of them put totally out of buisness ” all that is happening more new regulations,, one of the latest ,, farmers cannot
    take cattle to different fields because of this deadly disease if you did to a mule i have no dougth he would give you the hind legs where youd feel it but 2018 will be here very soon and so will 3018 defra please stop this propaganda and wrong doing and let cattle farmers
    get on with their cattle farming life i must be the only cattle farmer in gb and ireland that know the facts of this scandal ,,,,,,, and i am open to critisim,,,

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