Wildlife Crime in Pembrokeshire.


From: Crime – Badger Trust [mailto:crime@badgertrust.org.uk]
Sent: 30 May 2017 11:03
To: Badger Watch & Rescue Dyfed <g.lumby@btopenworld.com>; michaeljohn.sharratt@virgin.net
Subject: Sett Interference Case

Good morning Gents

I have had a Mr Anthony Avon (Tel xxxxxxxxx) on the telephone this morning reporting potential sett interference (possible blocking to damage, to destruction).

This is on a site which has recently been bought and the area has now facilitating racing cars, with hedgerows removed, and diggers laying hardcore over area of setts. This is thought for a power cable to be laid.

Mr Avon approached the workman today who laughed and were abusive to him, telling it was only small fines.

I have advised Mr Avon to report the matter immediately to the police and I am awaiting an incident number from him.

There is also potential disturbance of Bats and I have advised him to contact the BCT as well.

Mr Avon was asked to go up to the site by the council as the company has moved a right of way route as well.

This has occurred at Trecwn Farm, Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire, SA41 3PW.

Please can you contact Mr Avon ( He only has the landline and is not on the internet) as provide support as seen fit and liaise with the police.

Thank you


Andy Swinburne

Badger Trust

Crime & Intelligence Co-ordinator

Tel: 07xxxxxxxxx

E-mail crime@badgertrust.org.uk


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